Configuration of Mailman to Hyperkitty

This is a quick guide to configure Mailman to hyperkitty.

For connecting hyperkitty to Mailman and receive incoming emails from Mailman, you must install the mailman-hyperkitty module available on PyPI in Mailman’s virtualenv, and then add the following lines to mailman-hyperkitty.cfg :

class: mailman_hyperkitty.Archiver
enable: yes
configuration: /path/to/mailman-hyperkitty/mailman-hyperkitty.cfg

You must set the URL to your HyperKitty installation in that file. The path mentioned in the configuration should be an absolute path to the mailman-hyperkitty.cfg file. It is also highly recommanded to change the API secret key and in the MAILMAN_ARCHIVER_KEY variable in (or

Also, the MAILMAN_REST_API_URL in file of hyperkitty should be changed as the port 8001 is used for production and 9001 is used for development.

Following change needs to be done in of hyperkitty/example_project :

DEBUG = True
MAILMAN_REST_API_URL = 'http://localhost:9001'

After having made these changes, you must restart Mailman. Check its log files to make sure the emails are correctly archived. You should not see “Broken archiver: hyperkitty” messages.