GSoC'17 With Systers

I am glad to share the feeling of being a part of the exclusive GSoC club after being selected in the Google Summer of Code program for the second time under Systers. I have been a part of the Systers community for a long time being actively involved in the GSoC’16 program, Google Code-In’16 program and now, working as a student for the Systers Mailman3 project in GSoC’17 .

GNU Mailman3
Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager is a free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists. Mailman is integrated with the web, making it easy for users to manage their accounts and for list owners to administer their lists. Mailman supports built-in archiving, automatic bounce processing, content filtering, digest delivery, spam filters, and more.

The objective of this project is to port the existing features of Systers Mailman2 version to the newer released version of Mailman i.e Mailman 3.1. The features that needs to be ported includes :

  • Essay
  • Stats for Admins
    • Number of subscribers/unsubscribers.
    • Number of total unique subject lines.
    • Number of subscribers that posted.

I hope I will be able to do justice to the trust that my mentor has shown in me by selecting me for the project. Here’s to a great summer ahead!